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Web-based tools for recording 
Chirbit / Student examples

Users record or upload and share audio files from a computer or mobile device ($1.99 iOS). QR codes are generated for each recording and audio/text comments can be added to recordings. Follow other users to create social sharing environment.  

SoundCloud / Student examples

Similar to Chirbit, users record, upload, and share audio files from a computer or mobile device. Follow other users to create social sharing environment.


Basic, but excellent free tool for recording from a computer. Files can be emailed, downloaded, or embedded. 

Free and basic tool to record and share audio files that can be emailed, downloaded, embedded, or posted to social media. Different from Vocaroo because users create accounts.  The site suggests other accounts, so there may be an issue with appropriate access to unknown users. However, users can choose to make their accounts private.

Google Voice

Create a Google Voice number through a Google / Gmail account. Students call or text the number and leave a message that can be downloaded or added to a Google Drive folder.
Twisted Wave 

More an audio editor, TwistedWave may be a solution for introducing editing at an easier level than Garage Band. Free accounts have a 5 minute recording limit and a 1 hour storage limit. It is linked with SoundCloud, GoogleDrive and the Chrome browser, so this may be an advantage if a GAFE school.

$65/year for educators. Video recordings may be created on any device and the app is free to students. Teacher (or students) may create a conversation grid and students add their reply to the grid. A highly engaging tool for discussions as you can invite anyone to participate with a link. 


$79/year for educators. Web-based, Chrome & iOS apps available. This audio recording tool also integrates with several learning management systems (LMS).


The iOS (Mac) software is available for Mac computers and iPads. It is part of the iLife suite that is normally installed on a Mac, but must be purchased for the iPad. Create audio files and podcasts to upload to various podcast sites or to iTunes.


Audicity is a free, downloadable audio editor and converter that works with Mac or PC. Learning  the basics takes an initial investment of time, but it is a user-friendly tool.


Advanced tools for recording: Pictures and Avatars
iOS apps for digital storytelling and picture morphing.
Fotobabble / Catherine's example

Use a picture to record an embeddable/shareable message on a computer or mobile device.  

Blabberize / Catherine's example

More for silly projects, Blabberize animates the mouth of an uploaded picture.
Record a message and share with others.

Voki / Student examples

Create customizable (hair, skin tone, outfits, background) avatars and record an audio message.
Voki animates the character's eyes and mouth. Recordings may be made through computers,
cell phones, or text-to-speech computer voices.

CLEAR Rich Internet Applications
Center for Language Research and Education, Michigan State University

When you sign up for a free account from CLEAR,
you have access to several easy to use web tools to enhance student learning.

These are a few of my examples.

Audio Dropbox / Video Dropboxes

Students send their recorded works to a  digital  inbox for your review.


Create a visual and oral activity with a digital drop box, text, and video.


 Create a Jeopardy-like game for review and fun.


Record questions for your students to answer asychronously.


Create interactive language practice exercises.