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Web Tool Resources

Please explore these sites and blogs to learn from other well-known educators.

Edjudo Web 2.0 Teaching Tools - Thematic lists of Web (2.0) tools

Web 2.0 Tool and Resource Guide 2013 - University of North Carolina Greensboro PDF

Integrating ICT (Information and Communications Technology) into to MFL (Modern Foreign Language) Classroom - Joe Dale

eTools for Language Teachers - Sylvia Duckworth

Web 2.0 Guru - An excellent guide to Web Tools

CoolToolsForSchools - Well-organized list of Web tools

Kathy Schrock's Guide to Everything - The name explains it all.

50+ 2.0 Ways to Tell a Story
- Vast wealth of tools


Writing Tools

PicLits - Inspire stories through pictures.

BigHugeLabs - Use digital photos and text to create posters, trading cards, magazine covers, and unique projects. Student examples!

Penzu - Personal journal and online diary that can be shared.

MixedInk - Collaborative writing platform for students

ReadWriteThink Webbing Tool - Free-form graphic organizers - Printable brainstorming platform

ACMI Storyboard Generator - Creative site that allows users to build a storyboard from a script.

Storyboard That - Free/Paid options for educators. Drag-and-drop clipart, text, scenes to create engaging storyboard.

Google Docs -  Storyboard templates for teachers and students

Google Docs - Now available through Google Drive: Presentations, word processing, forms, quizzes, and collaborative writing options.

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Digital Storytelling and Presentation Tools

Wall / oral presentation tools

Thinglink - Teacher example - Blog post - App and Web-based tool to annotate images with videos, links, text, and other images. Amazing!

Glogster Edu - Student examples - Free and paid options available.  Design an interactive poster with pictures, video, text, and appealing art.

Haiku Deck - Catherine's example - Free! Presentations that focus on images and little text.

Prezi -  Student example : Use a template or a blank canvas, links, pictures, videos, and text to build an interactive presentation.

Google Maps - Catherine's example of Google Maps for WL teachers and learners.

Video / slideshow tools

Animoto for Education - Student example : Free accounts for educators! Use digital photos, videos, music and text to create engaging presentations.

Magisto - Free and paid options available. Videos with music, video, and photos.

Narrable - Free educator and paid options available. Photos with audio file.

Wideo  - Catherine's example: Free and paid options to remove branding/downloading. Choose objects, add text and music to create an animated presentation.

Meograph - Rick Steves' example - Free and paid options available. Create presentations using photos, links, videos, narration, and captions.

PhotoPeach - Teacher example : Free and paid options available to make engaging slideshows with captions, music, and transitions.

Stupefix - Free and paid options available. Video slideshows with music and photos.

Empressr - Free! Add text, images, and multimedia (audio and video) to projects.

SlideShare  - Teacher example : Upload PowerPoints, PDFs, and other documents to share and embed.

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Comic Strip, Animation, Infographics, and Pictures Tools

Catherine's Delicious bookmarks for resources of Photo  and Videos editors. 

Toonlet - Create online comics with unique characters and text.

ToonDoo Visit teacher example. Creative characters and comics.

Make Beliefs Comics
- A comic creator with WL students and teachers is mind.

Strip Generator - Free comic strip builder.

Comic Master - Free comic strip builder.

Pixton Comics for Schools - Create multi-panel comics with text.

Build Your Wild Self - Teacher example : Create a new species of animal using various animal parts. Students could follow up with a writing piece about their animal.

Infographic creators

Infographic tutorial by Linda W. Braun. - Nicole Naditz's example -  Free! Create and share visual ideas through infographics. - Free - Create infographics and charts from 30 different templates. (even video!)

Piktochart - Free and educational pricing options available : Create infographics, reports, banners, and presentations.

Animation tools

GoAnimate 4 Schools

Zimmer Twins - Student example : Create and share animated stories from template scenes and your own text.

Dvolver - Teacher example : Choose background, characters, and dialogue. Share through e-mail or embed into blog/site.

Voki - Student examples : Choose and accessorize an avatar, record a message, and share with others. 

Xtranormal : The site will be changing account plans and pricing as of July 31st 2013. I will update after this date.

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Interactive Book Creator Tools

Storybird - Teacher example : Stunning art leads to thoughtful stories!

My ebook - Teacher example : Add pictures, text and online media to create an interative presentation.

StoryJumper  - Use your own art or the provided images to illustrate your story.

Mixbook - Create and publish scrapbooks. 

Zooburst - 3D pop-up books made with imported and supplied media.

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Word Cloud Tools

Wordle - Wordle transforms text into a visual artwork piece. It can be a unique view of the students' work. Students may use any work that they have produced and transform it into art.

Tagul - A customizable tool for transforming words into word clouds.

 Word Clouds ABCya! - Much like Wordle, this basic program allows you to "play" with a text. Users are able to change the font, the color, and the size of the word cloud.



Tagxedo - Tag Cloud with Styles Tagxedo is an advanced, but still easy-to-use program that uses shapes, fonts, themes, and the Web to help you create sophisticated looking word clouds. I have used Paul Verlaine's "Chanson d'automne" (Song of Autumn) to create this pictoral representation of the poem. I chose the colors, the font, the shape, and the layout. A great site for the artistically impaired!

Update: At this time I do not recommend embedding your creation in a site or blog. The developer used "Silverlight," which is not a compatible program with most browsers. Save your creation as a .JPG file and add it as a normal picture file.



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