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Google Maps "How to" website

Google provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to create a Google Map.

Google Maps for Education

Free Technology for Teachers Blog

Good post with how-to presentation

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning Blog

Excellent post on uses of Google Maps for educators.


View Angers, France in a larger map

Use this link to view the Angers collaborative map created by my 2nd year students.


Photo hosting and sharing sites

To save a photo:

1. Do not save thumbnails in basic searches. Thumbnails do not re-size well.

2. Find the picture in its original size by clicking on it in the search.

3. Right click on the picture and select "Save as."

4. Name the picture with an easy-to-remember title.

5. Some sites (Photobucket, for example) allow you to embed pictures into blogs. This is not saving the picture locally on your computer.

6. Some sites (Flickr, for example) have copyrighted pictures that cannot be saved.

To consider:

1. Photo searches can "sometimes" result in inappropriate pictures. Talking with students and explaining these procedures before you begin an Internet-based search will teach students appropriate surfing habits.

2. Advise your students to report any Web sites that may cause them (and you) problems.

3. Remind students to close the browser window and to not draw attention to themselves.

4. If necessary, contact your IT (tech) person inform him or her that you will be using photo searches.

Image sites

Google Images

Basic search for images. There is no uploading available on this site, so no sign-in required.


This is Google-related site. To upload photos, use your Google account to sign in.


Yahoo-related site. Use your Yahoo login to upload photos.

Bing Images

Basic search for images. There is no uploading available on this site, so no sign-in required.


Requires an account to upload pictures.


Requires an account to upload pictures

Instagram (Paris example)

To find photos, you will need to follow a user or search with a hashtag #.


Requires an account to upload pictures


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