Bienvenue aux cours de français

au Lycée Mount Vernon !



 On s'en souvient! Français au lycée Mount Vernon

Oui, je parle français !

Pourquoi parler français?

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Vos professeurs:

Madame Ousselin - Portable 6

Téléphone: 360-428-6100 (41720)

E-mail: / (class e-mail)

Google Voice mail / texting number: 724-683-8830

Madame Harvey - Portable 7

Site Web de Madame Harvey

Téléphone: 360-428-6100 (41721)


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iOS App suggestions Full list!


Dictionnaires et Vocabulaire - This tool will not translate entire sentences. Use short words and look in the forums for suggestions on expressions. By clicking on "conjugate", the different forms of the verb will be displayed.

 Dictionnaire Larousse - One of the best dictionaries available with synonymes and quotes. Search for words in Spanish, French, and many other languages.

ARTFL Project - A bit more advanced than WordReference, but a powerful tool.

Audio / visual dictionaries - Choose a language and a theme. Use the mouse to listen to the pronunciations.

French.about - This is a very basic selection of words, but the pronunciations are helpful.

Why shouldn't I use Google Translate

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Conjugaisons (verb forms in different tenses) - Type a verb and click on "conjugate."

Le Conjugueur - Type a verbe and click on "conjuguer."

Verbix - Same concept as the other sites.

Grammaire française

Tex's French Grammar - University of Texas at Austin offers excellent explanations in English and French. - Grammar explanations and examples in basic language.

IELanguages - Commercial site linked to products, but offers good examples.

Les articles (le / la / les / un / une / des): LanguageGuide

La négation: Tex's French Grammar / LanguageGuide

Le genre (masculin / féminin) : Tex's French GrammarLanguageGuide

La conjugaison des verbes (Je parle / Nous parlons): Tex's French Grammar

Les adjectifs (Il est fort /Elle est forte) : LanguageGuide


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Médias en français

Les journaux

Le Monde - National French newspaper

Le Figaro - National French newspaper

Libération - National French newspaper

Liste de journaux francophones - Newspapers in French from around the world

Les magazines - Magazine en ligne pour les adolescents

Géo-Ado - Planète et environnement

1jour1actu - Les clés de l'actualité - Online magazine geared for beginning to intermediate reading levels. 

Elle (en français!)


Le Nouvel Observateur - Culture (Cinéma, livres, télévision, etc.)

Sciences et Avenir

France Football


Liste de magazines francophones (Choose a theme to discover magazines from around the world.)

Les chaînes de télévision

France Télévisions - Groups the national French channels. Choose a channel at the top of the page.

Monludo - France Télévision's site for young viewers that includes games, videos, and coloring pages.

TV5 Monde / 7 jours sur la planète - TV5 offers many online videos designed for learners of French. Explorez!

TF1 - Watch the JT (news) and many other shows.

TF1 Musique - Music videos

TFou! - TF1's site for young viewers that includes videos, games, and coloring pages. C'est "un must!"

Radio-Canada - News and programs from Canada.

Télé-Québec - News and programs from Québec.

Les stations de radios

Radio France - Groups the national French radio stations. Choose a station at the top of the page. 

RFI - News and thematic reports for French language learners. "Le journal en  français facile" provides a script. "Les exercices d'écoute" include comprehension questions. Excellent choice for the ambitious learner.

Europe1 - News and information.

Funradio - Musique !

NRJ (Energy = Musique!)

Le mouv' - Les hits

TuneIn Radio - Online and an app to listen to radio stations from all over the world. Find a station for extra credit!

France Radio List - Online stations to stream music and talk.

Europe Radio List


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